Cancer saved my life, and God gave me the formula, the perspective, and the will to survive and share the taste of victory with you. The gift of life is priceless, come with me on this journey to ascendancy. We are Fighting, we are Fabulous. “WE ARE FIGHTING & FABULOUS!”

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Give the most memorable gift for any cancer patient’s journey. Our journey boxes are made special for the journey ahead. Fortified with faith, and vitality for anyone’s fight with cancer. Be fabulous, and show homage for the journey with Fighting & Fabulous.

Perspectives of the Journey

Welcome to My Mind! A Dangerous, Yet Very Honest Place.

Welcome to my blog, also known as my safe space! My name is Shanee’ Wilson. I am a 34-year-old wife, mom, woman of God, and business owner whose life was suddenly changed with

The Silence of Strength

A couple of weeks ago, it was weighing heavy on my heart to thank my oncologist that helped me fight for my life. I don’t know what it was about that week in particular, but I was thinking about my oncologist on a regular basis

My Cancerversary: The Most Uncelebrated Celebration there is!

During one’s journey with cancer, there are many thoughts that run through a fighter’s mind. You think of absolutely everything from life to death, from kids to career, all friends and family, your

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